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30 years of helping volleyball coaches succeed.


Our volleyball clinics are designed for coaches who are training athletes at all levels of the sport, from young beginners to seasoned professionals. In addition, If you’re new to coaching volleyball this is without question the most effective way for you to get started. Lastly, if you’ve been coaching for 30 years, we’ll still teach you some new tricks.

Our Volleyball Clinics in Action

Our Clinic Staff

You will not find better teachers when it comes to relating to your level of coaching. Although many of our volleyball clinicians have coached at the highest levels, including the Olympic Games, we have also spent thousands of hours coaching at the juniors level. We have undeniably been living in your world for over 30 years.

Learn By Doing

“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand”. Attendees at our volleyball clinics can participate in drills, score-keeping, and other on-court activities which surely enhances learning. Additionally, this will help you better understand what your athletes experience when you ask them to make a change.

Coaching Principles
We believe that coaching principles are liberating, not restrictive. Furthermore, sound coaching principles allows us coaches to build great systems around the abilities of our players. We rely on science, research, and experience (trial and error) to develop our principles unlike those chasing temporary fads.





For over 30 years we have relied heavily on science to help develop our volleyball clinic curriculum. Whether it’s hiring statisticians to help us determine the most important skills, or combing through thousands of data points to help our teams improve by 1 percent, science is a foundational component to our coaching clinic curriculum. Additionally, we believe that no science is settled science. As the game evolves, and as we learn ourselves, we continue to refine, tweak and adjust our coaching methods in an effort to get better.


Motor learning is generally defined as a set of processes aimed at learning and refining new skills. It often involves improving the efficiency of mechanics and is certainly helpful with teaching complicated movements such as passing, spiking, blocking etc. At our volleyball clinics we walk you through how to implement the science of motor learning in to your practice plans. Additionally, a deeper understanding of the motor learning concepts will simplify the way you coach, and increase the rate of learning in your gym.

volleyball clinics are a great way to learn how to coach


While science helps us develop sound principles, volleyball coaches will still be faced with challenging decisions. Experience matters, and our advisory staff has plenty of it. With more years in the gym than we can count, our staff has tested countless methods, at all levels, with all genders. The ideas presented to you at our volleyball clinics have been refined and are proven effective regardless of the level you are coaching. Learn from our experiences, which, in turn, will shorten your own learning curve.



Jim Brown
High School Volleyball Coach
We are in our county tournament final on Saturday. I can’t even begin to tell you what an impact your summer volleyball camps have had on our program. We have improved significantly, going 17-6 and having the best year that we’ve had in many years. Surely your volleyball camp got our season off to a great start, and we haven’t looked back. Thank you so much!
Varsity Volleyball Coach
Tomorrow my high school team plays for the 5A state championship, and I just wanted to say thanks. With the help of GMS and especially the time you have given, our program has made huge leaps in the last three years. We are 44-4 and the number one seed going into tomorrow’s match. Wish us luck.
High School Volleyball Coach
SIMPLY AWESOME! Your volleyball camp staff was amazing last year. Both myself and the girls are particularly excited for this years camp. GMS has been the BEST investment of time and money for DHSVB! I know I am a better coach because of you volleyball training. Furthermore, my team is undoubtedly better because of it. Thank you!
Varsity Volleyball Coach
I just wanted to say thanks! Since Gold Medal Squared started running our volleyball camps two years ago, our record has gone from 3-26 to 20-14 this past season. Additionally, this was the first time in school history to have a team reach 20 wins! Thanks again!!!
High School Volleyball Coach
So we pulled it out! Firstly, we defeated the #2 ranked team in the state to win the 3A League Tournament! Secondly, we go into the 3A district tournament as the #1 seed. So much of what I’ve learned has come while attending your volleyball training events. They are unquestionably the best, and I thank you for all that you do.
Varsity Volleyball Coach
Thanks for checking in with us. We had a great season, the best we have had in years! We know the momentum started with such a great volleyball training over the summer. Additionally, this was my first year coaching so having this training before our season was invaluable to both our staff and athletes.


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You can book your clinic seat today with or without making payment. During the registration process, you will be asked to “pay now” or “pay later.” If you opt to pay later, we will hold your spot on the roster and communicate with you directly to arrange for payment.

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If you have multiple coaches attending one of our volleyball clinics from the same program, please ensure that all coaches register individually and select the “pay later” option. Once all of the coaches are registered, please text or email us.

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To ensure that we provide an accurate number of manuals and t-shirts, please login to your GMS account and “confirm your attendance.” This will ensure that you are included in our shipping counts for the event. If you have any questions email us.


If you’re a new volleyball coach there’s no better place to start than with a Gold Medal Squared Volleyball Coaches Clinic. Not only will we provide you with a solid foundation from which to start, but we offer a significant discount for coaches with less than two years of total experience (all jobs combined). If you have been coaching for two years or less, please email us today for promotion details.

You can expect to have access to some of the most successful volleyball minds in our sports history. Our clinics involve both on-court and classroom sessions. We will be covering motor learning, the fundamental skills, team systems, drills and scoring, statistics, practice planning and much, much more! Our goal is to send you back to your teams invigorated, energized and more confident as a coach!

We run two different schedules depending on the volleyball clinic location. The first is a full, 3-day schedule that begins on Friday morning and ends Sunday by 1:00 PM. The second is a 2.5 day schedule that begins on Friday evening and ends on Sunday by 1:00 PM. All details, including the exact schedule, will be provided via email prior to the event.

No, but many coaches do! We will have plenty of on-court action throughout the course of the weekend. If you’d like to play, great! If you’d prefer to help us coach, score on the whiteboard etc. that option will be available to you!

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