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invest in your club coaches


There’s no better way to invest in your club than staff training and education. Our volleyball club training
events sell out every fall, so book early!


Our volleyball club trainings are small, personal, and specifically designed for clubs looking to give their staff a world-class educational experience. Furthermore, when you meet certain training milestones, we will certify your club.

Small Group Setting

Plan a weekend for your club coaches to spend time learning, asking questions, debating, gaining confidence, and so much more. This is an invaluable experience for your club coaches, we guarantee you will be blown away. 

What's Covered?

Your coaches will receive in-depth education on motor learning, time management, defensive systems, offensive systems, the fundamental skills and associated keys, setter tutoring, and of course practice and drill organization.


Having your coaches use similar teaching keys throughout all age groups is invaluable. At our volleyball club training events, we will take your coaches through all keys and discuss the value of uniformity in training with the group.

Our Volleyball Club Training Events In Action


Our private events involve in-person training, year-round support, GMS+ accounts, and so much more!


For over 30 years we have relied heavily on science to help develop our coaching philosophy. Whether it’s hiring statisticians to help us determine the most important skills, or combing through thousands of data points to help our teams improve by 1 percent, science is a foundational component to our coaching clinic curriculum. We also believe that no science is settled science. As the game evolves, and as we learn ourselves, we continue to refine, tweak and adjust our coaching methods in an effort to get better.


Motor learning is a change, resulting from practice or experience, in the capability for responding. It often involves improving the smoothness and accuracy of movements and is obviously necessary for complicated movements such as passing, spiking, blocking etc. At our coaching clinics we walk you through how to implement the science of motor learning in to your every day practices. A deeper understanding of the motor learning concepts will drastically simplify the way you coach your athletes.

volleyball clinics are a great way to learn how to coach


This was one of Carl McGown’s favorite thing to say at our coaching clinics. The ideas we present to you at our clinics are wonderful, foundational ideas that will guide you through your seasons. However, not all leagues, genders or teams are created equal. There’s very few absolutes in coaching. That said, we will encourage you (in a much nicer way than Carl) to keep your own data and learn what is happening at your level of play. Gathering some simple data can have a huge impact on your decisions as a coach.


Kind Words From Recent Camp Clients

Rodrigo Gomes
NVVA Club Director
Another success story for GMS! After hosting a private volleyball training for our club staff, we had the most successful season in our club’s history. Additionally, our staff teaching similar keys and working together was a major advantage for us. A big thanks to the crew at GMS.
Jessica Lain
Club Director
Hosting a private clinic for our staff was a great way to kick off the club  season.  We were able to engage in challenging conversations, clarify confusion, and ultimately get on the same page as a staff. Collectively, our club improved significantly. Great job GMS!
Meg Herr
Nor Cal VBC Director
We had GMS run a private coaches clinic for our staff. Firstly, the information presented is innovative and effective. Secondly, the schedule was engaging for our staff. Because of this, my staff walked away very motivated for the upcoming season.
Erin Johnson
Club Director
Mike and Chris came out to work with our club coaches and wow!  What a game changing weekend for our club.  If your coaches are in need of some structured volleyball training, GMS does an outstanding job!

Private Event Pricing

Select an option that best fits your team.

25 coach minimum
All GMS travel and lodging included
Winter Athletes
24 athletes minimum
All GMS travel and lodging included
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/for custom pricing
Athletes and Coaches
Customizable schedule
How it works
Identify a Date

We run our volleyball club training events primarily during the all and early winter months. These events run Friday evening through Sunday. Upon receiving your date requests, we will be in touch to discuss event details.

Participants & Facility

Once your date is booked and deposit paid, you will want to ensure that all of your coaches (or athletes) are notified. You will also want to ensure that your facility is booked for the requested dates.

GMS Staff

We come to you! GMS will discuss staffing options and handle any travel or lodging reservations that are needed. We will also send each member of your staff a coaching clinic manual and t-shirt.


Please note that our fall weekends book very quickly.
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